Marrying function and design need not be expensive. WB FAUCETS is leading the way to affordable quality.

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WB Faucets has a wide range of shower and faucet fixtures to choose from.The sleek designs catering to almost every bathroom design and customed to your taste.


We have come up with faucets for you kitchen varrying designs from sleek to shick. Taking to mind the heavy use of kitchen faucets WB has produced designs to answer convenience and strenght.


We have also produced a line of lavatory faucets from the simple to the stylish WB Faucets have come up with different styles to suit ur every need both functional and stylish.


With a wide variety of everyday faucet fixtures answering your need for simplicity and function. From the outdoor garden to the dirty kitchen and laundry rooms WB has the answer.

Looking for affordable quality products WB FAUCETS has provided them for you, catering to your own stylish taste without burning a hole in your pocket.